A great Testimonial – Thank you!

Published: 14th June 2019

A big Thank you to Esther Orridge from @Socialprogress for a lovely Testimonial after your visits to The Zone!

“Dear Lisa and The Zone Team,

I’ve visited The Zone on multiple times since January 2019 when my son became more steady on his feet. I heard that there was an area specifically designated for babies and toddlers, which made me feel more at ease taking him to such a big play gym.

Adults are also allowed in the play gym to accompany smaller children (this is the real reason I visit). The rainbow slide is our favourite bit in the whole place and my sons confidence with climbing and exploring the space develops with every visit.

Thank you for providing such a fantastic space to bring kids to burn off steam and parents to have some fun too! We always stay for lunch and I’ve not been disappointed with the price, quality or service I’ve received.

I’m sure i will continue to visit The Zone for many years to come as my little one grows up and bring along more friends and family as well.

To anyone who may read or hear this testimonial; if you’ve got children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews or friends with kids under 12 years old, The Zone is the place to be!

P.s. You HAVE to try the #RainbowSlide 🌈

Yours sincerely

Esther Orridge

Social Progress Ltd”


The Zone team are delighted you’ve had great experiences and look forward to seeing more of you in the future!

The rainbow slide awaits! 🌈

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