Baby Beats

The sensory class to stimulate your baby’s mind and movements through play, music, action rhymes and singing.

Baby Beats is a unique parent and baby class designed for their early interactions to create stronger bonds between adult and baby. This will encourage language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills and social interactions.

With our class we aim to engage your babies movement and senses through a range of activities, with props and equipment to use throughout – including bubbles, lights, sounds and much more.

Through sensory play babies will learn by exploration, curiosity, awareness, creativity and their senses. This will help to build their nerve connections in the brain and the development of language and motor skills. Alongside this, physical skills will grow through co-ordination – tummy time, physical touch and being active through movement. Communication skills will be worked on through music, singing and nursery rhymes.

This class will help your little one meet other children but also begin to understand the world around them; they are also a great opportunity for you to meet other parents in your area.

How old does my child have to be to attend? Your child can attend from birth to walking!

Tuesdays (Kirklees Term time only)


Cost: £6.29


For further information please contact our Play Leader Tracey [email protected]. Please note her working hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. If you require any extra information please email [email protected]